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April 16 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott Austin, Austin, FL

Agenda Day 3

8:00 am - 8:45 am Registration and Breakfast


Brian Burke

Chief Executive Officer
Smashing Ideas


Kevin Wick

Executive Creative Director
Smashing Ideas

9:00 am - 9:45 am MORNING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Creative Clarity: Finding Focus in the Midst of Ambiguity

Jon Kolko - Partner, Modernist Studio
Creativity is key to addressing ill-formed business threats and for giving structure to poorly defined market opportunities, yet many of us have started realizing the limitations that come with creative mindsets such as Design Thinking and Lean; after doing a lot of thinking and pivoting, we realize we still have to do a lot of doing. Furthermore, bringing creativity into your company can feel like adding to the mess, not fixing it. Creative processes can feel wild and unpredictable – and so do the people doing the creative work. In this morning keynote, hear from Design Thinking designer Jon Kolko define the skills that help bring confusion into focus.
Kolko will explain:
·         How Design Thinking can offer a starting point and provide tools to help drive innovation
·         The four main attributes of creative clarity necessary for successfully applying Design Thinking
·         How to hire and manage creative talent
·         Why a creative organization is ready to handle the innovation challenges of greenfield markets, to take on the challenges of shrinking market share, and to best the misalignment challenges introduced by running fast and loose

Jon Kolko

Modernist Studio

9:45 am - 10:15 am CASE KEYNOTE: Learning Fast: How to Bootstrap your way to a Thriving Design Culture

Joni Saylor - Advisory Board Chair - Design Principal , IBM Design Practice
IBM’s head of its design thinking practice, Joni Saylor will share the approach they’ve taken to build their world renowned design program. Saylor will highlight some of the tactics and lessons learned as they introduced design thinking into a corporate environment. She will share:
·         Some of the failures they encountered and how they were transformed into triumphs
·         How IBM uses design thinking to drive culture change
·         Lessons learned that are applicable to business leaders and design leaders alike 

Joni Saylor - Advisory Board Chair

Design Principal
IBM Design Practice

Hear from innovative leaders across various industries dive right in and share their experiences with how they approach design thinking at their organizations, how they got started, and how it has transformed their culture. Each expert will leave you with their top two pieces of inspirational yet practical advice for organizations already embracing or looking to implement human-centered design.

10:15am: Finance: Joel Kashuba, VP Innovation, Fifth Third Bank
10:30am: Education: David Schell, VP Global Experience & Design, Pearson
10:45am: Healthcare: Ryan Shafer, Human-Centered Design Director,UnitedHealth Group
11:00am: Athletics: Wilson Smith, Senior Design Director, Nike

11:15am: Audience Q&A: You’ve learned how design thinking is applied at various types of organizations and how firms benefit. Each of these pioneering experts will take the stage together on a short panel, ready to provide answers to some of your most burning questions. 

Joel Kashuba

SVP of Design & Innovation
Fifth Third Bank


David Schell

VP Innovation & Design


Ryan Shafer

Human-Centered Design Director
UnitedHealth Group


Wilson Smith

Senior Design Director

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Networking Break

Small wins in design thinking build the foundation.  This roundtable discusses strategies to showcase design thinking wins at the project level to advocate for larger organizational commitment to the process.


Daniel Ruszkiewicz

Director of Value Management


Maryanne Lee

Design Strategy Manager


Douglass Pace

President & CEO

Once company leaders have bought into design thinking, roadblocks can emerge in middle-management. What strategies can you leverage to enhance buy in and overcome implementation challenges on the ground?


Shaun Gummere

Vice President of Service Design


Krista Siniscarco

Principal Designer


Eliel Johnson

VP of User Experience & Design
Charles Schwab


Shawn Johnson

VP Experience Design & Innovation
NBC Universal

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm MATURITY ROUNDTABLES: Design-Led Company: Sustaining a Culture of Design

Joel Kashuba - SVP of Design & Innovation, Fifth Third Bank
Chris Hodge - Product Manager, Intuit
Your company has transformed into a design-led bellwether in the industry. How will you maintain momentum amidst real business challenges? How will you avoid the pitfalls that come with leading design at scale? 

Joel Kashuba

SVP of Design & Innovation
Fifth Third Bank


Chris Hodge

Product Manager

1:30 pm - 3:15 pm RKS Design Lunch and Learn: Advanced Design-Thinking Methodology

During this Lunch and learn,  you’ll see how and why at RKS, we call P/A “Advanced Design-Thinking Methodology.” It stands on some very tall shoulders: those of the psychologist Abraham Maslow and the scholar Joseph Campbell. And in taking their work to a new level, we found that we could predict the future, foster brands and markets that never existed, and create decades of successes.  You’ll find that P/A will serve you as a cornerstone, as a collaborative tool to create shared vision, and as a litmus test for design and innovation. You’ll also see how P/A provides you with a new language, with objectivity and pragmatism that non-designers can visualize, understand, and connect with.

2:00 pm - 2:00 pm Main Conference Concludes: Depart for Optional Site Tours