Andres Jordan

Managing Director & Chief Innovation Evangelist
Factor6, LLC
Jordan is an innovation practitioner with over 25 years managing innovation and digital ecosystems. He is founder of Factor6 Innovation Strategies; a mentoring firm focused on the effective creation, running and nourishment of innovation ecosystems in the digital age. Prior to that he served as VP of Digital Innovation for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile. There he founded and ran an innovation team tasked with building disruptive products for the media industry, including Hollywood. Jordan is a passionate promoter of creativity and design thinking as the most effective way to innovate and drive engagement. He holds a Masters in International Business and a BS in Finance. He also a certified design thinker and is currently at work completing his book focused at the nexus of cultures and innovation readiness. Jordan resides in the Washington DC Region.

Day 2: Main Conference

8:30 AM EXECUTIVE PANEL - From Good to Great: How to Pivot an Organizational Mindset Toward Human-Centered Design

The number one roadblock to design thinking success is organizational culture pushback. This is because the core principles of design thinking – empathy with users, comfort with ambiguity, a discipline of prototyping, and tolerance for failure – are counter cultural to most business mindsets and organizational structures. This session explores how to assess the current organizational culture and identify actionable steps for a design-led cultural transformation:
  • Assuming holistic ownership of the experience design process
  • Appointing a strategic design champion in the organization
  • Organizational restructuring to challenge silos and political structures
  • Challenges and lessons learned in the cultural transformation process
  • Sustaining momentum in human-centered design