Antoine Grant

Director of Business Development
Antoine Grant leads business development for Originate, a pioneering company in venture development and AI-native software. Many companies operate outside their circle of competence when it comes to digital products. In Antoine’s role at Originate, he works with businesses to ask the right questions, uncover the needs of customers, and identify business problems and opportunities that should be addressed with technical solutions. Originate’s talented product managers, designers and engineers lead a design and innovation process that involves releasing quickly and iterating on feedback, keeping focus on alignment with our clients’ success metrics. Originate is a thought partner in accelerating digital innovation, and through deep collaboration builds products that define the future. Antoine began his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company, providing thoughtful analysis and recommendations for growth strategies and performance improvements. During his time there, Antoine worked across a variety of industries including technology, telecom, food manufacturing, services, chemicals, and private equity. In subsequent roles, he led development of digital products in education, real estate, and luxury goods for fast-growing startups and large mature enterprises. Antoine holds a BA from Claremont McKenna College in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.