April 16 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott Austin, Austin, FL

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Debunking Design Thinking Myths

When it comes to Design Thinking, there is an abundance of myths and mis-leadings surrounding the meaning, tools, and concepts around Design Thinking. In a quick post, we address what some of our past Design Thinking participants and speakers have to say on the topic. 

By: Marisa White

Why Experience Design?

A quick look into why experience design, taking in insights from our very first Experience Design Week in Denver. 

By: Sandy Ko

What is Experience Design?

With our first Experience Design Week program next week, we wanted to take a deep dive into the definition of experience design and the moving parts incorporated within the rising discipline in the Design & Innovation world. Featuring our Experience Design Week producer and analyst, Sandy creates an overview and Experience Design 101 guide. 

By: Marisa White

The ROI of Design Thinking

Quantifying design thinking and human-centered design drives can offer avenues for continous improvement and organizational buy-in, however, how are we currently measuring, what sort of reports exist to quantify, and is this the way it should be done? 

By: Marisa White

What's New-The Design Thinking 2019 Maturity Tracks

A quick overview of how design thinking defines maturity and the learning formats that will help you on your design thinking journey.

By: Marisa White

Welcome, Design Thinkers!

As 2019 marks our 20th year in CX research and events, we know first-hand how rapidly customer experience is evolving. In an age of constant disruption, Design Thinking offers leaders, executives, and practitioners alike an avenue to drive sustainability, growth, and relevance as experiences transform.  We hope to involve you in this journey!