Chris Hodge

Product Owner & Innovation Leader
From F&B service innovations to financial software, Chris has always maintained laser focus on his customers, not the business objectives. He does so for one reason, putting his customer’s problems and the benefits they care about most as the focus, ensures his teams create experiences that unlock lasting customer value and business returns. His passion for design thinking was ignited during his learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has become part of his everyday life since graduating and joining financial software leader, Intuit, Inc. Since joining the company Chris has worked across multiple of the companies best known products and innovations learning from some of the best minds in the Valley. Today, he leads the re-imagination of how Intuit’s ProConnect Group builds relationships and partnerships with tax accountants to ensure these professionals are setup to have the best tax season of their career. In addition, he leads a segment of Intuit’s internal design thinking change agents called the Innovation Catalysts. Outside of his day-to-day career, Chris actively partners with local education boards and leaders across all levels of education to build DFW’s design thinking capabilities and programs for the next generation of thinkers and doers. He believes we all have the responsibility to pass on these tools that help us connect with people and put their needs before our own personal ideas/goals/ambitions so that innovation can continue to improve our lives, worldwide.