Doug Beaudet Vice President Global Experience Design
Leading global experience design groups to deliver market winning solutions. I have a passion for creating brand experiences on next-generation products. We all compete with the same technology and business opportunities, but it is the brand experience that inevitably separates the competition. I enjoy the excitement and uncertainty of discovering the next big thing, and then delivering it. I believe interdisciplinary teamwork delivers the best design to the customer and the greatest value to company. I also believe that trust, respect, integrity and credibility are core to everything we do.

Day 2: Main Conference

16:00 PM Leveraging Left/Right Brain Skillsets and the Evolution of UX/CX

With a deep understanding of user/customer needs, experience professionals drive value throughout the entirety of the customer journey.  This session explores how to best empower and activate skillsets that are both analytical and creative to deliver the ideal experience.    

Day 3: Main Conference, Site Tour

9:30 AM EXECUTIVE PANEL QUESTION & ANSWER - Right-Sizing Your Design Thinking Strategy

Design leaders from small, medium and large organizations convene to discuss their unique strategic design implementations:
  • When did your company recognize a cultural shift was necessary?
  • How did you go about phasing design thinking implementation?
  • What organizational structure for design worked for your organization?
  • How was human-centered design championed alongside digital transformation?
  • What was the lynchpin for design thinking success in your organization?
  • What was the biggest challenge?  How did you overcome this?
  • What advice would you provide an organization just embracing human-centered design?