Driving Sustainable Growth and Competitive Advantage through Human-Centered Design

April 14-17, 2020

Hilton Austin, TX

Cantina Special Report: Demystifying Design

Cantina Special Report: Demystifying Design

In further understanding Human-Centered Design, it became important to adequately define the nuances between different design practices. Within the Customer Management Practice, there are four distinct events, Digital Product, Service Design, Design Thinking, and Experience Design, pressing the imperative to identify differences and similarities between them. We begun to scratch the surface in surveying our advisory board, gathering insights from events, and questions from active social media groups, some of these insights highlighted within this report.

However, we wanted to explore further how these functions work together in teams that incorporated all specialties. What is the broader definition of design? What did the intersection of service design, UX, and experience design look like “in real life?”

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