Eliel Johnson Managing Director of User Experience
Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.

Day 3: Main Conference, Site Tour

11:45 AM EXECUTIVE PANEL - Building Design Thinking Capabilities: How to Attract, Nurture and Evangelize Design Talent

Effective design thinking leaders marry the best of the left and right brains to support momentum behind a cross-functional, human-centered approach.  Identifying outside talent possessing these characteristics is time-consuming and expensive.  Equally, investing in your existing design organization and investing in HCD development company-wide is critical to maintain human-centric momentum.  This session looks at the needs of your design human resources, addressing:
  • How to build a champion design team
  • When do you promote within or explore for outside talent
  • What experience mix is best when recruiting
  • How to create design thinking capacity company-wide
  • Best practices in internal development resources and design workshops across functions
  • Teaching design thinking outside of typical design functions
  • Building the function of design as a cross-functional resource