Evan Kohn SVP, Global Customer Experience
Evan Kohn is SVP of Global Customer Experience at Pypestream where he has created the PypePro implementation program for customer journey-driven deployments of smart messaging. He has broad experience in applying design thinking practices in B2B SaaS strategy, startup expansion, and program/portfolio management.

Day 2: Main Conference

11:00 AM EXECUTIVE PANEL - Leading a Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation Focused on the Customer Journey

Digital transformation is often disorderly approached in terms of implementation, with organizational functions using various internal and external digital tools that they individually deemed “best in class”.  In addition, a lack of cross-functional technology leadership fuels a disconnected approach.  Through the lens of design thinking, this session addresses how to manage digital transformation holistically with the customer at the center of the process:
  • Who owns digital transformation at the C-level?
  • How to assess technological platforms to deliver maximum value to the customer
  • Understanding what is best for the organization might not be best for the customer