Joanna Cook Senior Director, Experience Design, Digital Engineering

Day 1: Pre-Conference Sessions

14:30 PM Workshop C: How to Create a Design Thinking Movement

Cook and Hedrick will describe "Five Principles to Creating a Design Thinking Movement," including ways to:
  • Leverage Design Thinking to accelerate innovation across your organization
  • Transform design and innovation from a peripheral skill into standard practice
  • Convert your company culture to delivery sustainable results for your customers, your business, and your employees
Cook and Hedrick will also share their journey leveraging Design Thinking and the LUMA System of Innovation to transform the culture at Autodesk to accelerate innovation in a more human-centered way and develop stronger, more loyal client relationships.
Finally, you will have an opportunity to see the LUMA system in action. Working in conjunction with fellow attendees, we will synthesize our shared experiences leading cultural change within our respective organizations, inspiring and learning from one-another. In the end you will have built new relationships with fellow design thinkers and gathered multiple ideas for advancing your own Design Thinking Movement.

Day 3: Main Conference, Site Tour

11:45 AM EXECUTIVE PANEL - Building Design Thinking Capabilities: How to Attract, Nurture and Evangelize Design Talent

Effective design thinking leaders marry the best of the left and right brains to support momentum behind a cross-functional, human-centered approach.  Identifying outside talent possessing these characteristics is time-consuming and expensive.  Equally, investing in your existing design organization and investing in HCD development company-wide is critical to maintain human-centric momentum.  This session looks at the needs of your design human resources, addressing:
  • How to build a champion design team
  • When do you promote within or explore for outside talent
  • What experience mix is best when recruiting
  • How to create design thinking capacity company-wide
  • Best practices in internal development resources and design workshops across functions
  • Teaching design thinking outside of typical design functions
  • Building the function of design as a cross-functional resource