Marla Hetzel

Director, Enterprise Strategy & Innovation
Marla J Hetzel is an innovation expert with more than 15 years of experience in innovation management, Human Centered Design and insight generation. She is the director of enterprise strategy and innovation at AARP – a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 years of age and older improve the quality of their lives. She uses Human Centered Design and future trends to imagine possibilities and create solutions for problems internal and external to an organization with keen attention to improving organizational effectiveness. Marla is particularly interested in the future of work and how individuals can use innovation practices to reimagine their professional identities - - she describes it as an innovation-applied-to-self approach to preparing for the changing nature of work. She is also interested in how organizations can move beyond hierarchy and control and experiment with self-organizing principles in order to learn and innovate. She has published “Communities of Practice: From Self-Organizing to Purposeful Creation and the Role of Leaders” in The Quality Management Forum and is currently using innovation practices to build her innovation-applied-to-self approach to preparing for the future of work. She received her MsC in Managing Organizational Performance from Cranfield University (England) in 2012.

Day 1: Pre-Conference Sessions

8:30 AM Workshop A: Innovating the Business Model

Business Modeling has become a well-known strategic and entrepreneurial approach to challenge existing methodologies. More than simply filling in the blanks of a template, this workshop takes a practical, case study approach, addressing strategies for designing and testing the economics of new business concepts, including:
  • How to build a go-to-market strategy prototype for your growth project
  • How to define possible revenue models
  • How to identify defensible control points
  • How to map out a learning plan to test all of the above in the market