Max Talbot-Minkin

VP of Product and Design
I hold a Master of Design and MBA from the IIT Institute of Design, where I studied User-Centered Design, Design Research, Strategy, and Business. I also hold a B.A. from Columbia University in Computer Science. Design is the ultimate intersection of multiple disciplines whereby the best kind of business innovation and problem solving can take place. Design is not purely or even mostly about aesthetics. It involves carefully planning systems, operations, strategies, and human interactions to incite the most effective change. Designers must be willing to immerse themselves deeply in problems in order to ask both the naïve and tough questions that challenge the established way of doing something. Combining design and business experience and training together has given me a powerful toolset to confidently tackle complex 21st century problems on a variety of scales. I've had the good fortune to work on a number of problems in my career from health care, to electronics, to urban planning, to consumer goods, to app development—and I'm always up for a new challenge