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2017 Design Thinking Brochure

April 24-26, 2017 | Austin, TX

 Convening today’s design leaders with tomorrow’s successors, Design Thinking 2017 will help you:
- Demystify design thinking’s use as a tool for strategic and sustainable growth
- Build a roadmap with best practices for the phased implementation of design-led culture
- Overcome cultural pushback when implementing a design thinking strategy
- Leverage design thinking at the project level for optimal performance within your function
Featuring an exclusive Design Thinking University Workshop & IBM Studios Austin Site Tour!

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Avoid frankensteining: designing a better feedback process

Brought to you by our event partner Nureva, check out their latest findings on collaborative learning and avoiding the dreaded "frakenstein design". In the world of design, frankensteining isn’t when someone confuses the name of a designer with the design. It’s what happens when too many people get involved and, instead of making deliberate choices, every opinion gets incorporated into the work. How does this happen and how do we avoid it?

Design Thinking Mantras

Brought to you by Originate

Missed out on the Design Thinking Conference? See some of our favorite quotes, brought to you by Originate. 

Deloitte Design and Customer Thought Leadership

Brought to you by Deloitte Monitor

4 Ways to Get your Best Minds Thinking like Designers (Even if They’re Not)

Brought to you by Nureva
The design process was once considered the sole domain of artistic types. Not anymore. It’s now being embraced by teams in virtually every kind of business and organizations. Ahead of Design Thinking, our Design Thinking Event Partner shares some of their insights and observations about the future of Design Thinking. Here are four reasons design thinking just might be the creative spark your company needs.

The Nureva™ Span™ System

The Nureva Span visual collaboration system transforms a wall into an expansive, digital workspace. The system combines a solid-state-illumination (SSI) projector with an intuitive cloudbased canvas that’s projected onto a wall and simultaneously accessible from personal devices. Users can create, share and edit ideas and information by working directly on the wall or on their own devices via the Span app. To learn more about The Nureva™ Span™ System check out their info sheet. 

The Last Digital Holdout: Using Technology to Unleash Creativity and Enable Nimble Group Processes

Brought to you by Nureva

The characteristics of the workplace of the future are apparent every time you walk into any Fortune 1000 enterprise: the need to be agile, innovative, creative, fun, flexible, holistic, design-oriented, and competitive with one’s marketplace competition. The need for these characteristics is changing how companies hire and train talent – read any issue of Business Week or article from Bloomberg or your preferred HR consulting firm. And they are part of a larger transformation in which the expectations of managers, individual knowledge workers, and mainline employees are very different from those in the past.

This paper identifies a number of use cases for group interactions and explores how they can now be improved by a new wave of technologies. 

Nureva™ Span™ Overview

Brought to you by Nureva

Prior to Design Thinking, meet the Nureva™ Span™ visual collaboration system. It’s the ultimate solution for groups who need to carve out ample creative space for ideas to sprout and plans to take root. The system combines a panoramic projector with intuitive software and apps to create a cloud-based canvas that’s projected onto a wall and simultaneously accessible from personal devices. 

The Nureva™ Span™ will be available onsite at Design Thinking to take a deeper and interactive look in person. For more information, visit www.nureva.com/span-system

5 ways to boost your creativity with design thinking

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Nothing worth doing comes easy. But we all want the effort to pay off. Even something as potentially game changing as design thinking has to be worth the time and energy required to pull it off. Design thinking is a proven set of principles to boost creativity, fuel collaboration and deliver better experiences to your customers. But it requires flexibility and openness to some culture change. Find out the five tips to get the most from your design thinking implementation.

Designing Smart, Connected Products: How To Create Meaningful Experiences In The IoT Age

Brought to you by Altitude

THE “INTERNET OF THINGS” (IOT) means many things for businesses and consumers, but at the heart of it, we see the promise that products will have intelligence, connectivity and a resulting value that will disrupt most every market.

This paper will share what IoT means for your business (both the threat and opportunity) and how to take three critical first steps that will set you on a path towards smart, connected products your customers will love and a radically transformed business model coinciding with the explosion of “connected everythings.”

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Fast Track Your Attendance

2017 Design Thinking ROI Toolkit

Thinking about attending Design Thinking 2017? We are here to help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. Take a look at the top reason why you should attend. This ROI toolkit includes:
- Convince your boss letter
- Top reasons to attend
- Estimated Budget Expense Sheet
- and more!

2017 Design Thinking Registration Form

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Design Thinking Current Attendee Profile

Interested to see who will be joining you at Design Thinking 2017? Take a look at our current attendee profile where you will get a sneak peak at the organizations that will be joining you in April!

Design Thinking University FAQs

Had a few questions about what Design Thinking University is? Here are your answers! We've compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions to help you decide if Design Thinking University is right for you.

2017 Design Thinking Anticipated Attendee List

To give you a feel for the peers in which you’ll be sitting beside at this event, we have provided a list of titles and companies in which we expect interest and attendance. Whether you work in experience design, innovation, human factors engineering or evangelizing design thinking in your organization, this conference will deliver you immediately applicable value.

The Who's Who: Design Value Index Featured Speakers

We are excited to feature speakers at Design Thinking 2017 representing a Who’s Who of the Design Value Index companies and those featured in the latest article’s commentary.

To learn more about The DMI:Design Value Index, visit: www.dmi.org/value.

Speaker Feature: Jose de Francisco

Design Thinking interviewed Jose de Francisco, Design Director, Human Factors Engineering at Nokia and he discusses how he blends design thinking, agile transformation and lean start-up methodologies in his human factors organization.

Speaker Feature: Megan Wimmer

Design Thinking presents this speaker feature from Megan Wimmer, Design Thinking Lead—Global Design at GE Healthcare where she discusses her career background and her progression to design thinking, as well as some of her favorite design thinking success stories at GE Healthcare.

The Evolution of Design Thinking

Design thinking isn’t a new concept, but only recently has the mindset emerged as applicable to effectively solve all types of problems.  Much like the fuzzy front end of innovation, the heritage and maturity of design thinking is a scattered and overlapping process.  Check out our timeline featuring the unique evolution of design thinking, highlighting how this methodology emerged, the thought leaders who brought it to life, and how it is being leveraged as a business strategy in the world’s most competitive companies.

Speaker Feature: Adam Cutler

Design Thinking interviewed Adam CutlerDistinguished Designer, Design Practices Director at IBM Design and discusses how IBM Studios Austin transformed the design function into a cross-functional organizational capacity, ultimately impacting the customer journey.

IBM Studios Austin Site Tour Spotlight

Interested in learning more about Design Thinking's IBM Site Tour? Take a look at this site tour spotlight to learn more about IBM Studios Austin, and why you must attend!

Organizational Growth Strategies (for Breakthrough Innovation)

What’s best or right for your org when it comes to pursuing breakthrough growth? Peer Insight gives us an inside look that can help you choose which are right for your organization depending on your goals.

Design Thinking Resource Grid

There are no lack of Design Thinking resources available. We’ve aggregated our favorites for you!

Design Thinking Attendee Kit

Welcome Attendees to Design Thinking! Flip through our Design Thinking Attendee Kit to see what Austin has in store for you!

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Design Thinking Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in becoming an event partner for Design Thinking 2017? Take a look at the Sponsorship Prospectus to get a better picture of the people attending and the prospects you could meet.