Nick Florek Manager
Monitor Deloitte
Nick Florek is a Design and Strategy consultant with a passion for helping organizations challenge orthodoxies, break through limiting paradigms, and integrate design thinking into their core business strategy. At Monitor Deloitte, Nick channels this energy to address complex public sector issues that have included working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to guide a Veteran-centric organizational mind shift, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to integrate a design approach into type 2 diabetes prevention, and the Government of the Philippines to re-design how they approach policy development. In his day to day work Nick leverages previous experience in digital media and retail with MTV Networks and Target Corporation to share approaches cross industry.

Day 1: Pre-Conference Sessions

11:30 AM Workshop B: Optimizing Service Design to Deliver Best-in-Class Experiences

Given that 80% of US GDP is comprised of services, investment in experience delivery at every customer touch points is critical. Though product and service development are rooted in similar discipline, you must fully understand process nuances in service design and tailor your organization accordingly. Jeneanne Rae, Executive Director, Design-Led Innovation for Deloitte Monitor and founder of the Design Value Index, will lead you through the ideal process for service design, including interactive exercises in:
  • Unlocking the keys to primary research and customer insight
  • Building a meaningful, holistic customer journey map
  • Identifying and ideating around pain points and moments of truth
  • Identifying who in your organization should be working on certain types of problems
  • How to make service design decisions based on the right blend of data and intuition

(lunch provided)