Renee Anderson

Acting Lead, Insight and Design, Veterans Experience Office
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
The best part of Renee’s career in user experience strategy has been integrating into a collaborative team of subject matter experts, design thinkers, technical wizards and end users to solve chewy problems. She works with a wide variety of clients, industries and projects; in digital interaction and in face-to-face interaction and the merging of the two; from individual to social to community to systemic. She loves diving into any given problem, debating, sketching, accommodating, and emerging with viable and creative solutions that can actually be implemented, not just theorized. As a result of her experience with a broad range of industries and roles doing such work, she has become an excellent communicator (and in some cases, persuader). While many might perceive a project’s solution and associated ROI as being the ultimate measure of success, Renee has found collaborating with key decision-makers, exposing them to a user-centered design process, and leading teams towards consensus during this process is an equally important measurement.