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April 16 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott Austin, Austin, FL

Jon Kolko

Modernist Studio

9:00 AM MORNING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Creative Clarity: Finding Focus in the Midst of Ambiguity

Creativity is key to addressing ill-formed business threats and for giving structure to poorly defined market opportunities, yet many of us have started realizing the limitations that come with creative mindsets such as Design Thinking and Lean; after doing a lot of thinking and pivoting, we realize we still have to do a lot of doing. Furthermore, bringing creativity into your company can feel like adding to the mess, not fixing it. Creative processes can feel wild and unpredictable – and so do the people doing the creative work. In this morning keynote, hear from Design Thinking designer Jon Kolko define the skills that help bring confusion into focus.
Kolko will explain:
·         How Design Thinking can offer a starting point and provide tools to help drive innovation
·         The four main attributes of creative clarity necessary for successfully applying Design Thinking
·         How to hire and manage creative talent
·         Why a creative organization is ready to handle the innovation challenges of greenfield markets, to take on the challenges of shrinking market share, and to best the misalignment challenges introduced by running fast and loose

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