Tom Burchard

Vice President, Experience Design
Altitude | Accenture
As Vice President, Tom leads the company’s customer experience practice in the use of design methodologies to establish platforms for growth, helping companies to envision new opportunities and drive business innovation. This people-focused methodology has led to an understanding and belief that all users seek experiences, and that a holistic view of the user's needs and desires lead to a more innovative, defensible, and profitable solution.

Day 2: Main Conference

9:15 AM KEYNOTE ADDRESS - The Internet of “Meaningful” Things: Smart. Connected. Valued.

IoT means many things for businesses and consumers, but at the heart of it, we see the promise that products will have intelligence, connectivity and a resulting value that will disrupt almost every market. This talk will address what IoT means for your business and how to apply Design Thinking principles so you can leap into the world of smart connected products. You will learn:
  • Why the time is now to ramp up your IoT efforts
  •  How winners in the new connected world will understand customers’ specific needs and “jobs to be done”
  • Steps to innovating and designing smart, connected products that your customers will love and will put you ahead of the competition